Space Command Books 1 - 3 are due out hopefully in the next 18 months on ebook only. Meaning the deadline for all three should be about December 2019.

Nothing will be printed most likely but there will be the ebooks and web content.

Right now we are still finishing the character development and character images that will be revealed later on this webpage www.space-command.net.

What I am planning is to reveal the characters names and pictures of the Space Command Characters on this page with some background information on them and there also may be mini-stories posted here for extra non-book content. Plus, I should have some pictures of what the Space Command Universe looks like and their outfits, weapons and space ships, villains etc. in the near future. Hopefully, we will be well into this in 18 months.

Here are the previews for the three books that will be out soon between now and next December, the books will not be released at once but one at a time over several months, individual book story titles will be revealed later.


Space Command - Book One:

In the future Earth has encountered vast enemies in outer space and has amassed a large space military called Space Command to defend Earth and stabilize it's outer perimeter encompassing a large section of the galaxy near Earth.

A Space Command outpost in an outer region of Earth's Protected Space has detected an attempted penetration of Earth's defenses by an unknown force. The enemy, attempting to map a worm hole into Earth's region has been identified by Space Command.

The Captain of Space Command must travel undetected through a new worm hole to the hostile enemy planet which is a planet much larger than Earth inhabited by human's from a different planet. These humans or human like beings look similar to humans on Earth but have developed in a planet much larger than Earth in a different background.

Landing on the planet alone and blending in with it's people in an unknown background the Captain must find and establish a safe landing zone for the Space Command Strike Force led by himself.

The Space Command Strike Force must secretly land on the planet and led by the Captain must find and penetrate the planet's military headquarters and retrieve secret technology data about the planets military for evaluation by Space Command back on Earth before they are attacked.

The Strike Force must lead a secret attack into their top military base and retrieve their computer system files without being captured. This leads them into a conflict with the enemy on the surface and an attack on Earth by the Enemy Planet.

Space Command must then send a fleet of space ships to the enemy planet to stop their attack leading to a battle in outer space and on the surface of the enemy planet in a conflict with their evil leader.


Space Command - Book Two

Space Command has discovered a dimension in space consisting of a strange nebula that is inhabited by large insect like creatures with space ships and space weapons. Space Command finds out that they are colonizing and terra forming outer space to match their insect like planetary conditions.

Space Command discovers on the surface of their planet that it is a large insect hive of creatures with futuristic space weapons and the Space Command Strike Force must fight these large insect like creatures in a strange insect hive on their planet.

Fearing that the insect creatures will try to colonize outer space around the Earth and transplant their hive to the Earth's surface Earth's Space Command Admiral orders the Space Command Strike Force to destroy the insect creatures at any cost. 


Space Command - Book Three

Space Command finds out that a human like enemy leader has secretly penetrated the Earth in the past and has set up a secret army on the Earth to attack Space Command.

The enemy leader has studied the humans on the Earth and then returned to his planet in secret leaving a secret force behind. Assembling a large invasion force he returns to attack the Earth with some kind of Psychic Super Weapon and is attempting to control the minds of the Space Command Strike Force while his secret Earth Forces attempt to overthrow Space Command.  

2020 Space Command  by Jason MacKenzie