Space Ship Functions

In Space Command the main functions of the Space Ships are powered by nuclear reactors and magnetic field generators, those are the most important internal components of the ship.

On the ship almost everything has a magnetic frequency id, meaning it has been encoded with a a magnetic field frequency and is given a number. For example an item on space command may have a magnetic field frequency id like 87673524.117353 hertz.

What that means is when the ship is scanned from outside by another Space Command ship or space station it reads the magnetic frequency of the contents inside the ship and can identify them based on their magnetic frequency id and generates a list of items off the id's records in the Space Command Central Database from Earth.

That way outside ships can scan other ships and match their contents if they need to to the Space Command central database on Earth for inventory and security purposes.

Magnetic Frequency ID 87673524.117353 may mean a cup or plate for example on a Space Command ship and all ships contents are registered in the Space Command Central Database on Earth. Personal items are also registered in the database but are kept secret by Space Command but can be viewed to examine a persons personal effects. 

A magnetic field frequency id is generated by combining multiple over lapping magnetic field frequencies to create a unique id, like 87673524.117353 which represents a field frequency of made up of many individual magnetic field frequencies and is measured in a group frequency.

Meaning the magnetic field frequency is a "field" of smaller over lapping frequencies and is measured in hertz on the magnetic field frequency band.

Scanners in Space Command scan magnetic frequency bands and look for unique ids that they have generated to identify their ships and equipment. A magnetic field frequency id is generated by connecting a nuclear reactor to a magnetic field generator and then running many voltage currents across the magnetic field frequency band in hertz which generates a set of magnetic field frequencies, these are then imprinted on Space Command equipment for identification on the magnetic field frequency scanner.

For example, the nuclear reactor is connected to the magnetic field generator on frequency one in the hertz frequency band. Then a voltage current is run through the object from the nuclear reactor on frequency one in the hertz frequency band for the first magnetic field frequency.

Then they scroll through the frequency band and keep changing the voltage current to generate multiple voltage currents across multiple hertz magnetic field frequency bands to imprint the object with many frequency bands in hertz generated across many different currents in volts.

What this means is the magnetic field frequency id contains a unique pattern of over lapping magnetic field frequencies, generated by changing the hertz frequencies while running voltage currents through the objects at different current levels.

This generates many magnetic field frequencies across many different voltage currents, driven by the nuclear reactor during the items production. Those are magnetic field frequency fingerprints used to identify items on space ships in Space Command, including the ship which also has magnetic field frequency id. 

Space Ship crew in Space Command have to take an injection of a magnetically charged metallic filings or particles to give them their magnetic field frequency id. This is a harmless injection that contains metallic particles or filings that emit a unique harmless magnetic field frequency id that can be used to identify the space ships crew on the magnetic field frequency scanners.

Each crew member has their own magnetic field frequency id and is used to identify them on scanners and their names are stored in the Space Command central database. When their ship is scanned by Space Command their personal magnetic field id's are looked up in the computer and names are verified on the magnetic field frequency scanner.

The injection is harmless and wears off and has to be taken every several months. In fact, the injection may make a person more healthy as it gives them a more stable magnetic field in outer space. The metallic injection is also matched to their ship and contains their ships magnetic field frequency identifiers to show what ship they are assigned to. If they change ships they need to take a new injection to change their magnetic field id to the new space ship's id.

All items on Space Command ships have a magnetic field id assigned to their ship in order to identify wreckage from a destroyed ship. Magnetic Field Frequency Scanners can scan outer space looking for any magnetic field frequency ids from items from a missing ship or used to identify missing crew members if the metallic field id can be identified of the missing crew members magnetic field frequency id.  

This is also important to the ships artificial gravity, security functions and tractor beam.

The main source of gravity on space ships in Space Command is the magnetic field generators, this locks on to each crew members magnetic field id generated by the metallic filings and pulls them to the floor by pulling the metallic filings inside their body to floor. This is not necessary because the regular artificial gravity is strong enough but it is a secondary feature.

For example, a member of Space Command will take a metallic injection to generate them a magnetic field frequency id, then the ships magnetic field locks on to them and  pulls them to the floor on their magnetic signal, this is also used to lock on to crew members for using the tractor beam in emergency situations. The tractor beam locks on to their magnetic field frequency and can pull them back to ship in emergencies.

As a secondary feature if the ships magnetic field frequency field for artificial gravity fails a secondary nuclear powered electro magnet which is always turned on can pull crew members to the floor of the ship by pulling on the metallic filings in their bodies.

The electro magnet and the magnetic field generators are extremely strong because they are nuclear powered and the electro magnet is so powerful it can pull the crew member to the floor by using the magnetic pull of the metallic filings in their bodies.

The gravity works without this but it is a secondary safety feature that will pull crew members to the floor on the electro magnet if the magnetic field generators fail for artificial gravity. 

The electro magnet can pull all items in the space ship to the floor by itself in Space Command because all items on the space ships in Space Command contain metallic particles or filings in them making them magnetic and giving them a magnetic field id.

What that means is all items including clothes in Space Command have metallic particles or filings in them that make them magnetic. Plastic and glass are manufactured to have metallic particles or filings in them and have a magnetic field frequency id. That means the electro magnet or tractor beam can lock on to them because they are metallic on the inside.

Looking at the glass, plastic and ceramics you would see tiny metallic particles in them that are used inside the materials to make the glass, plastic or ceramic metallic so they can be pulled to the floor in the magnetic field. Looking at the clothes in Space Command you would also see tiny metallic particles or filings embedded in the fabric that make the clothes metallic on the inside and contain a magnetic frequency id and can be pulled to the floor on the electro magnet, magnetic field generator or externally by the tractor beam. 

If their is a security breach on a space ship in Space Command the Artificially Intelligent computer locks out any doors and computers attempted to being accessed by anyone without a magnetic field frequency id.

The ships computer continuously scans the ships crew on sensors including body heat, motion and magnetic field frequencies. In order to access the ships computers and doors the crew member must pass the scanning of the ships artificially intelligent computer and have a matching magnetic field id.

The crew members individual magnetic field id's are used as a security feature and the ships computer only allows access to the space ships functions if they have an active magnetic field id. If it detects other people in the ship with no magnetic field id's it automatically locks down the sections of the space ships and turns off all computers in the affected areas and locks all door access. 

If the computer malfunctions the crew can manually remove it to reestablish regular security functions.

Air for the space ships in Space Command is stored in  ice blocks of compressed air. The storage of air in Space Command is done by pumping compressed air into water and freezing it, then ice is then melted and the air is released for breathable air on the ship. Space suits also contain tanks of compressed air and ice and are frozen and melted to release the breathable air.

This allows them to fit more air in a smaller tank by freezing compressed air in ice blocks, this also allows for safer storage of air because it is kept in ice blocks. All air in Space Command is stored in frozen ice and is compressed for larger storage capabilities.

If their is an accident or attack the ice blocks will float in space with breathable air still locked inside them. Crew members can retrieve the ice blocks to save their oxygen supply locked inside the ice. For example, if a crew member is stranded in space they can make it to a floating ice block and melt it to refill their tanks for more breathable air.

Also in Space Command, if their Ship is attacked and breached and hit with a radio active cloud inside their ship the crew has dark metallic gray space suits that are lined with lead to keep out radiation. They are also strong enough to repel radio active metallic debris and shrapnel but not large hot melting chunks of radioactive metal that can melt the emergency space suit.

This is an example:

If the ship is attacked and the hull is breached and there is a radio active cloud traveling around in their space ship, their dark metallic gray emergency space suits are lead lined and block radiation, the radiation can be removed later by the same substance that removes radio activity from uranium or plutonium during the decontamination process.

Then the dark gray metallic space suit also repels hot metal flakes of radio active metals, and can also be used when they are in  radio active contaminated space ship wrecks during exploration or hand to hand combat.    

If the space ship is boarded after a radio active cloud is released inside the ship the crew can use laser guns, laser rifles, particle rays and particle rifles while inside the dark gray metallic space suit to engage the enemy boarding party in hand ot hand or weapons combat.

All hand held lasers and particle weapons can be fired inside the ship during a radioactive attack. Also during the boarding attack the ships computer will lock out the space ships computer and door functions from the enemy boarding party if it detects their signature has no magnetic field frequency id, then the computers turns this back on for the Space Command crew when the security threat has been removed.        

In Space Command they may be fighting in the space ship if they are boarded in a radio active cloud in dark grey metallic space suits, during a computer lock out and hull breach using hand to hand combat and laser based weapons. After the threat is removed the computer then allows computer and door access when there are only Space Command crew members active by reading their magnetic field id's when they are in a secure ships location, then they begin the decontamination process to remove the radio activity from the cloud released in the ship with substances used to stabilize uranium and plutonium making them non radio active.

2020 Space Command  by Jason MacKenzie