Breaking News Report:


Meteor Made 2.1 Kiloton Explosion Over Air Force Space Command Base Thule, Greenland.

This report about Space Command in Greenland is a separate incident from the fictional book by Jason MacKenzie that is currently in production.

The report states that an explosion over Greenland was from a meteor and not an averted nuclear attack by Russia.

Earth's unnamed Space Command Admiral is reporting:

"There was no nuclear attack averted this week from Russia, the explosion over a Greenland Space Command Airbase was caused by a large meteor that exploded in Earth's lower atmosphere.

We believe that NORAD Command Stations in the lower Arctic Circle did not see the meteor on satellite images and that it slipped through our radars undetected, coincidentally over an Air Force Space Command Missile Airbase near Thule.

Dust from the meteor in outer space reflecting in the lower atmosphere during the recent lunar eclipse and Mars astrological alignment made the meteor invisible to NORAD defense systems only in Earth's outer atmosphere.

Space Command Airbase Systems in Greenland detected the meteor with a more advanced radar system and determined there was no threat to citizens in the ground area near the Space Command Airbase, and the public was not alerted.

The explosion, seen from the ground appeared to be a possible missile attack on the Thule Space Command Airbase but there was no threat from an enemy attack and this was just a large meteor like any other."

Space Commands Captain had this to say:

"There is no Space Force at Space Command and we are not in outer space.

Military defense systems are ground and air only we have not developed an outer space military at Space Command.

This explosion was visual only at a high altitude in Earth's Atmosphere and not caused by outer space defense systems at Space Command.

This incident was not caused by Anti-NATO Russian Militants with stolen Russian Nuclear Weapons in the Black Sea Area, and was not an averted Nuclear Missile Attack on a Space Command Airbase in Greenland.

There is no Space Command fleet or military in outer space and these types of ships do not exist, this was an explosion inside Earth's Atmosphere and not an averted Nuclear Attack on Space Command by a Space Fleet or Space Force in external orbit around the Earth.

This was not an outer space explosion, and not caused by anti-NATO Russian Militants.

Space Command is sending a team two hundred miles off the coast of the Black Sea area to quell hysteria in the region about a possible war between Russian Militants with stolen Nuclear Weapons and Space Command in Earth's Orbit.

There is no Nuclear War between Space Command and Russian Militants in the Black Sea and we are not in orbit and there is no space force or space fleet as reported in the media.

The destabilization in the Black Sea region is hysteria from a rumor about a United States Space Force involved in a Nuclear War with Russian Militants in the region that broke off from NATO.

That is not correct and it was just a large meteor missed by NORAD Air Defenses in the lower Arctic Circle caused by an error on the radar during the lunar ellipse caused by reflections from space dust.

A special Space Command team led by myself will be on the ground in the region to stabilize the area and end the hysteria caused by the rumor on the ground that we were in Outer Space with secret United States Military Equipment and shot down a stolen Russian Nuclear Missile in Outer Space over Greenland.

This was also not a direct attract on Space Command's Space Program and was only a visual effect during the eclipse in the atmosphere caused by an exploding meteor.

I expect no future reports on this incident."

Earth's Space Command Admiral added:

"That is the end of our statement."

2020 Space Command  by Jason MacKenzie