Space Command: Info About My Book

This is what I have been working on for my book Space Command.

What is going on with the book is at first I was going to take a year to write it but then what happened was I got into the character development.

So, the first three adventures for the first three Space Command books are already written, then what happened was I decided to spend more time on the Character development.

To relate the story and characters I will be using references to other fictional characters and stories. I have nothing to do with anything like Star Trek or Star Wars on X-Men or anything and they will not be on the book website or in the book (duh), so just for the blog for discussion sake only I will be referencing other characters so that you can understand the story of Space Command.

Space Command is Copyright 2018 Jason MacKenzie. The Space Command books etc. are not a part of a Record Label Release and are something else that I am working on and right now I am just releasing it as 2018 Jason MacKenzie.

All other character references are just blog discussion only and I have nothing to do with that.

Where I am at right now with Space Command is Character Development, so the actual characters are not finished yet. If it was Star Wars all Darth Vaders parts are written but Darth Vader himself is not finished being designed yet.

Right now there are three Space Command Adventures written for three books in a series but the Characters themselves are not quite done yet.

What we are doing with Space Command is we are planning a Comic Book style story with novels and then we are doing the Comic Book Art for the Website.

Right now we are working on the Comic Book Art for the website to go along with the books, that way you can see the characters before you read the book so that you know what they look like.

The plan is to make the book and then Comic Book art for the Characters, so the Comic Book Art is part of the Character Development, then they will be Comic Pictures.

The Comic Art for the book is in the style of Marvel and DC Comics. Hopefully this summer there will be art for the characters posted, the "prototype" art already compares to Marvel and DC Comic book Covers.

Also, I will hopefully be posting several comic book panels on the internet so you can see what the comic book would look like.

The story of Space Command.

The Space Command Team is about Fifteen Characters, plus enemies and background characters.

This is some info on the Character Development.

The main Character of Space Command is he is the Captain of the Space Command Strike Force on Earth in the Future.

There is no specific date in Space Command it's just set in the future.

The main Character is the Captain of a Strike Force form Earth who leads the first missions for Earth's Space Ship Fleet. His team is "first on the ground" like in an outer space Delta Force.

His character is that he is a 1960's style US Military Jet Fighter Test Pilot from NASA in the future, in the future NASA would be Space Command in the book. The US Military in the future in the book is also Part of Space Command.

So the Captain of the Space Command Strike force is a US Military Jet Fighter Pilot in the future. What he would look like is a 1960's Jet Fighter Test Pilot from the US Military with short blonde hair and like a jet fighter test pilot suit but now he is in outer space and leads the Space Command Strike Force which is a team of about fifteen characters including himself.

He would kind of be like a Super Soldier type like a Captain America only he is just a regular guy with special abilities and is the Captain of an outer space style Delta Force.

The Space Command Captain has to lead the Strike Force on missions in outer space to evulate new threats to Earth.

The Captain of the Space Command Strike Force is the leader of Earth's Space Ship Fleet in Outer Space but he is on the "delta force or navy seal" type roles but has command of Earth's Space Army.

The Captain of Space Command only reports to the Admiral of Space Command back on Earth.

The Admiral on Earth would be a regular Military Admiral Looking Character like in a blue US Military Admiral Uniform and runs a Science Team on Earth.

The Space Command Admiral on Earth is not the adversary of the Space Command captain but he always has to keep him focused on his mission.

The Captain of Space Command in outer space has to evaluate new threats to Earth and report his findings back to the Admiral on Earth who has to make a decision on a course of Military Action based on the Captains Findings.

In the series the Admiral can't leave all the Military Decisions up to the Captain because he runs a Strike Force on the Ground on Enemy Planets and he always wants to blow everything up to stop threats to Earth.

The Admiral however may need something retrieved from the Enemy Planet so he can't always let the Captain blow everything up.

The Space Command Strike Force team, led by the Captain, job is to penetrate enemy planets in outer space where there are no allies and study and evaluate their technology and retrieve anything of scientific value and destroy enemy threats.

If that was Star Trek then there would be no Enterprise, the Enterprise the Flag Ship would be back at Earth and under the Command of the Admiral of Space Fleet on Earth.

Space Command is about the Strike Force who are first on the ground ahead of the Space Ship Fleet, they investigate enemy threats and report their findings to the Space Command Admiral who has to evaluate them with his science team on Earth and make a decision on the course of action for the Space Command Strike Force.

The Admiral of Space Command may then decide to send the rest of the Space Ships to fight like the Flag Ship or the Space Command Strike Force may be on their own to handle the situation.

The missions of the Space Command Strike Force take place in outer space and on the ground on enemy planets.

On the Space Command Team all the Characters are Soldiers in the US Military in the future and are "super soldier"types.The characters are male and female chracters.

Each Character on the Space Command Team has Special Abilities to help them evaluate enemy threats and technology like Science and Engineering Skills and Weapons Skills.

Also on the team is a Female Character who would be like a "Rougue" type character from the X-Men only she has no special powers and is more like a female Captain America type who is blonde and is a soldier and wears just a regular military uniform.

She is kind of like a female Captain America but like Rogue from the X-Men with no powers, then she wears a Military Uniform and is a Combat Soldier and flies the Space Ships and uses Machine Gus and stuff.

Kind of like a female Captain America in a regular Military Uniform but she is a super soldier and uses machine guns and wears camouflage and is a space ship pilot.

Then their is a red haired female soldier who is like a NASA astronaut who does outer space science work and is a combat soldier. She is in a Space Suit all the time but also fights the enemy with hand to hand combat and weapons.

They also have a Engineer who has to design parts for their ship and weapons while they are under attack.

The enemy characters will be revealed later.

Artwork for the book will be in Comic Style and I hope to have all the Characters Pictures in Color Art before the ebook comes out, then I am also doing comic panels to show what the comic book would look like, like in a Marvel or DC comic style.

When the ebook version comes out hopefully all the comic art will be finished of the characters so you can see the characters profiles while you read the book, then I'm trying to get them to Action Figure prototypes. I am also planning to post the Action Figure Prototype Art when that is finished.

The idea is the Universe of Space Command is that in the 1960s during the Space Program NASA ran into enemy planets in outer space and the Military had to go in a different direction and build the US Military in Outer Space to fight threats to Earth.

In the series, each adventure has different enemies in each story mostly with no allies not like in Star Wars or something where its a galactic empire, in Space Command each planet is it's own force and everyone is struggling to dominate their planets spacial regions with military force with human like and non human like planets in each story.

More info on Space Command soon.

2019 Space Command  by Jason MacKenzie